Data Protection for State and Federal Government Agencies

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In the intricate landscape of Australian government entities, Venn recognises the distinct challenges faced by both state and federal agencies.

We offer bespoke IT solutions for government to navigate these challenges, empowering government operations with enhanced efficiency, security, and resilience.

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We are already approved for the following panels. 


  • QLD Government Registered Supplier
    ICTSS.13.03B / ICTSS.1009
  • QLD Local Buy
    Pre-Qualified Supplier ICT Solutions


  • NSW Government Suppliers Hub


  • VIC Government Suppliers Digital Marketplace


  • SA Government Tenders & Contracts
  •  Low Risk ICT Panel SA
  • eProjects Panel SA for projects up to $700,000

"As Australia's 4th largest council, Logan City Council demands reliable technology so that we may meet the needs of our community, and as part of a recent project, performed a series of work to secure essential infrastructure. RIOT Solutions and Venn IT were engaged to assist council with these works.

Venn IT successfully delivered on time and on budget, providing excellent service, and high-quality outcomes. The result is an improved and more robust service to our growing city."

Cliff Huntington, Solution Architect, Logan City Council

Our Services for State and Federal Government Agencies

Regulatory Compliance and Data Security

Government agencies operate under stringent regulatory frameworks. Ensuring compliance and safeguarding sensitive data are non-negotiable priorities.

Our advanced security measures, including ASD Essential 8 Mitigation Strategies, cyber incident response, and encryption protocols, provide a secure environment for government data.

Venn is committed to assisting government entities in meeting regulatory requirements and maintaining the highest standards of data security.

Disaster Preparedness and Continuity

Government operations must be resilient in the face of disasters, both natural and technological. Ensuring operational continuity is paramount.

Our disaster recovery options, coupled with regular security and health assessments, empower government agencies with robust preparedness. Annual tabletop exercises and 24/7 P1 Coverage guarantee swift responses to any IT challenges, safeguarding government operations during adverse conditions.

Public Trust and Transparency

Government agencies must uphold public trust and maintain transparency. Secure and efficient IT operations play a crucial role in achieving these goals.

By implementing advanced security measures, ensuring regulatory compliance, and providing continuous support, Venn contributes to building public trust in government IT operations.

Our commitment to transparency extends to our services, fostering accountability and confidence in government IT practices.


Scalable Government IT Solutions

Government entities undergo changes in scope and scale. IT solutions must be scalable to accommodate evolving requirements.

From cloud mastery to automation capabilities, Venn provides scalable IT solutions tailored to the dynamic nature of government operations. Whether adapting to changes in policy or expanding service offerings, our IT solutions evolve with government entities.

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