Backup Efficiency Assessment

How cost-effective is your backup environment?

Get the best return on investment while keeping your data secure.

When it comes to backup environments, one size definitely does not fit all. Each organisation has unique requirements that must be taken into consideration before designing and optimising a backup solution. Having too little backup can lead to performance issues or even worse, a security breach. On the other hand, backing up too much unnecessary data and systems can result in a budget that spirals out of control.

To avoid these issues, our team has created a backup efficiency assessment that is tailored to your specific needs. With this assessment, we ensure that your critical data is kept safe and secure, while also ensuring that your backup costs fit within your budget.

So, whatever your requirements may be, we have a backup solution that is just right for you.

“The team at Venn enabled a programmatic approach to modernising our data management strategy, and Commvault was critical through this process of transitioning data across tape, disk and now cloud. There are no longer any media costs, no recall costs and the process of recovering the data is easier, plus Amazon guarantees eleven 9s of durability.”

- Satisfied Customer

How we can help

The Right Data
This is the most important question, what data and systems are absolutely critical to your organisation? What do you define as your crown jewels?
Recovery Time
Once you have mapped out your essential systems and data, the next step is to determine how often you want to back up your data and how long you are willing to wait for recovery.
Your Budget
Your budget is a critical element but not as much as what you would think. Too often, companies end up spending way more than necessary. Our efficiency assessment is here to help you ensure the best use of each dollar to meet your specific objectives.

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