Backup Security Assessment

Mitigate a ransomware attack and protect your safety net

When is the last time you completed a security assessment of your backup environment?

Hackers are now more sophisticated and experienced with their enterprise environment attacks and your data protection environment is now becoming their initial target and they have been executing increasing ransomware attacks and completing targeted campaigns on backup environments.

Instead of going straight for your primary environment, hackers are now disarming users first, then destroying the backup environment to remove your safety net. Only then do they go after your primary environments and demand a ransom or threaten to leak confidential information or personal data.

In response to this, we’ve developed a robust backup security assessment designed to protect your last line of defence. Venn’s backup security assessment comes complete with detailed recommendations including completion status and level of complexity to remediate.

How secure is your backup environment?

Don't let your last line of defence unprotected. Book your backup security assessment today.

Our Security Assessment for backup environments includes:

Disaster recovery option for your backup environment
Our review process ensures that your company has a plan and is following best practice process, storage, and access rights.
Monitoring backup environment and identifying abnormal activity
The quicker you know when something is wrong, the quicker you can be to act and respond.
Immutable Storage in Cloud
Immutable storage enables data to be stored in a form that can never be tampered with, modified or removed.
Prevent brute force and bad actors
Our review process ensures that your company is following good practices for prevention of brute force attacks and bad actors.
Good security practices, operations, and processes
Good security extends into the backup environment. To support ongoing security good practices, it is best to adapt your operations, backup configuration, authentication (2FA), processes, and procedures. This includes securing your implementation, who has access and leveraging timeout rules.

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