Streamlining Microsoft 365 and Azure Management

Reducing costs while boosting performance and enhancing security.

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Is your Microsoft Environment too costly, too time-consuming, or not secure enough?

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Minimising management overheads in your Microsoft environment is a continuous process that requires a strategic approach. By focusing on cost management, performance enhancement, robust security, and efficient management practices, you can ensure that your Microsoft 365 and Azure platforms are not just operational tools but strategic assets that drive your organisation forward.

Learn about:

  • Cost reduction strategies such as licence optimisation, billing strategies, VM usage optimisation
  • Strengthening your security posture with InTune, data classification policies, PIM, NSG reviews, and more.
  • Management Best Practices across Sharepoint and OneDrive, leveraging Microsoft analytics capabilities, management group, tagging policies, and guardrails.


Venn are the proven experts in data security and compliance, managed data backup, and cloud consulting.

At Venn, we specialise in enterprise managed services and data protection solutions. We offer accountable and measurable results so that our customers can focus their efforts and resources on their core business. Venn knows that every business is different, which is why we design the right solution specifically for each organisation.

We are proudly independent. This means that we consider the benefits and detailed offerings of each solution provider so we can help you make sensible choices for a cloud deployment mix that is designed to suit your organisation. We use a defined methodology to make recommendations that take into account the factors relevant to your business.