Venn becomes Friends with Dignity's FriendSafe Program Partner

Venn IT Solutions is proud to announce that we are now Friends With Dignity's FriendSafe Program partner. FriendSafe_Venn_Partner The FriendSafe initiative provides an extra level of security to help those who have fled a violent situation, as well as those who may still be at risk, by providing them with a Personal Safety Device.

With a battery life of 72 hours, daily charging is not necessary. The user need only charge the watch while having dinner, and it’s good to go for another three days.

Friends With Dignity will cover the cost of a device for 12 months under the Sponsorship option, including a 12-month 24/7 monitoring plan for those who are referred by a Registered Agency, Service or Organisation, with the device to be used in conjunction with their Safety Management Plan.

The Personal Safety Device is also available for purchase from Friends With Dignity for those not associated with a referral service.

The FriendSafe program is an initiative established to ensure everyone is able to practice the basic need of feeling safe and access to an immediate response when feeling threatened or at risk.

This partnership is important as we believe that by collaborating and working with other services and businesses, we can have a bigger impact and utilise resources to assist people or families at risk.

The FriendSafe Program is 100% funded through Grants and generous Public Donations.

A FriendSafe Personal Safety Device is accessed via:

  • Purchasing the device outright, or
  • Renting the device, or
  • Registered Agency sponsorship.

These devices are most suitable for individuals:

  • At immediate risk of abuse or violence,
  • Who have fled their homes or are currently homeless,
  • Awaiting availability in Refuge or housing,
  • Still living in their home with the perpetrator, or the perpetrator has been removed from the family home, or
  • Living in their new home, however, they currently feel unsafe in their home, or unsafe to undertake everyday activities outside the home.

A Personal Safety Device looks and acts like any other smartwatch, with the important additional feature: The ability to connect with emergency services any time of the day or night 365 days a year, with the push of a button, eliminating the need for a phone.

When triggered the device will alert anyone identified in the individual’s Safety Plan which has been digitally embedded into the device.

Utilising the latest technology, monitored personal Safety alarms for individuals and families are now even more discreet than ever.

You can also support this very worthy cause by making a donation to the FriendSafe program.