Should you Invest in Managed Data Backup Services?


Data protection is not something that companies can afford to neglect. Data is incredibly valuable and the consequence of critical data loss could result in a catastrophic event for the smallest to the largest of organisations.

However, data backups are no easy task for enterprises to manage and can easily become a hassle plagued with constant tape rotation and time-consuming ongoing maintenance that burden an already stretched-out IT team.

So, unless managing backups is a core part of your organisation’s business, a fully managed backup service may just be the answer.


Why you should consider a managed backup service

Each managed data backup service is tailored to an organisation’s environment and overall business goals. However, the main benefits tend to remain the same across all organisations:

  • Peace of Mind - trust that your backup is in good hands and that your data is stored securely
  • Confidence in your organisation’s ability to recover data
  • Cost-effective management
  • Reliability and security
  • Ability to customise to suit business objectives
  • Support from highly qualified engineers
  • Proactive approach - don't wait until an adverse event happens to protect your crown jewels

Last but not least, outsourcing your data backup will free your IT team's resources to focus on activities that support the core of your business and provide direct value to your organisation.

Our technical experts have a wealth of knowledge with several backup solution providers and help guide organisations towards how best to deploy a backup solution that aligns with the business objectives. Additionally, their support and proactive approach give you the confidence that your data will be recovered, should a disaster hit.


Managed Backup Services by Venn

Whilst what we offer is complex and bespoke, simply put, we provide peace of mind. We provide an enterprise-grade backup solution that’s managed and maintained by experienced professionals and uniquely tailored for any set of business requirements.

Our solutions, which utilise best-of-breed hardware, software, and professional services, mean that we are expertly equipped to manage complex technology environments and don't cut corners.

Proactive monitoring is a key element in our approach and we aim to identify potential issues before they cause any outages. All incidents and problems are investigated from the start to conclusions by our highly qualified engineers. By investing in our managed services, you minimise your risk of instability and can gain confidence that your data is secure and accessible at all times.

With ongoing management costs increasing and becoming unpredictable, Venn’s Managed Data Backup Service is a cost-effective solution trusted by many organisations.

To learn more about how Venn can support your organisation and what a managed service can look like for you, get in touch with our team.