Key Takeaways from Salesforce's State of IT report

Global company Salesforce has released its Third State of IT report after surveying over 4,000 IT leaders worldwide about their key challenges and areas of interest. With the constant increase in cyber threats, it is no surprise that security and data protection are among the key topics covered in the report. 

If you don't have time to read the whole report, here are our key takeaways. 

Managing Business Priorities

Shifting the perception of IT from being merely a cost to becoming an essential investment for long-term business success has always posed a significant challenge for IT leaders. According to the report, a staggering 82% of IT leaders emphasise the need for their departments to showcase their value to the overall business. However, in addition to this, IT teams are constantly tasked with driving efficiency, increasing productivity, and enhancing security. In fact, 62% of IT leaders openly admit to struggling to keep up with the ever-growing demands of the business.

Security as a primary concern

In the current environment, it comes as no surprise that IT leaders worldwide are facing an uphill battle when it comes to security threats. However, finding the right balance between implementing effective measures and juggling competing priorities is no easy task. According to the report, 67% of IT leaders openly admit to struggling with the delicate balance between business objectives and security.

Despite recent high-profile data breaches exposing major companies' vulnerabilities, it is astonishing that 26% of IT leaders still consider malware and phishing as minor threats at most. Nevertheless, security budgets are expected to rise, as 86% of IT leaders anticipate increasing their security investments in the next 18 months.


Major Security Concerns for IT Leaders


Are you recovery ready?

Having a secure and performant back up environment and being recovery ready is critical to ensuring business continuity. According to the State of IT report, 84% of IT leaders track their mean time to recovery as one of their key performance indicators, and 53%  name data backup and restore protocols as one of their security tactics. 

Key Tactics from IT leaders to ensure business continuity

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