Introducing Venn

After 8 years of existence, Venn IT Solutions has unveiled its "brand" new identity (pun intended). 

A lot has happened since,  in 2015, Geoff Hughes, Rob Cargill, and James Thomas came together to support companies manage their backup data safely and efficiently. 

Since those early days, the company has grown and evolved. We grew from 3 to 25 staff, opened up an office first in Bowen Hills, QLD and more recently in Adelaide, SA. 

Our services offering also evolved to fit the needs and requirements of our customers and to keep up with the rapid pace of the industry. We now offer more assessments to help our customers make the right decisions for the security and performance of their backup environment, we have expanded our Microsoft Technologies offering, and we offer managed backup and hosting services to help our clients focus on their business.

Simplifying our name, modernising our logo and launching our new website might be the most visible parts of the changes underway but they are only the tip of the iceberg. 

Along with the opening of a new office and the appointment of Paul McGuinness as COO, comes the very important work of defining who we are and where we're headed. 

"The company is now 8 years old and, in that time, we have gone through quite a lot of growth and changes,"  says Venn's CEO Geoff Hughes. "We have reached an important milestone with additional structure, new capabilities and services, and an even greater focus on security. This rebrand is just a trigger for internal and external discussions on what we need to do to remain relevant and in line with the industry."

To our customers, this evolution doesn't change our constant commitment to supporting you and our dedication to the security of your data. On the contrary, it is about always striving to not only keep up with, but lead the industry and ensure we always provide you with the best solution for your organisation.