How do you manage your backups?


Todd Hazelwood, V8 Supercar driver, sat down with us to discuss how they safeguard the data for their team with the assistance of Commvault technologies.


What sort of safeguards do you place around data?

"We have a lot of safeguards put in place to back up all of our data. Using Commvault we then backup all our data into the iSeek cloud, which is all stored at their data centre. It’s absolutely paramount for what we do, obviously, at the race track we back everything up to a hard drive so we have two or three hard drives that we back all of our data and all of our video and then that gets stored through Commvault into the data cloud center from that point on wards."


What safeguards does your organisation place around its data? Are you confident in your organisation’s ability to backup and recover data, without inhibiting production environments?

Technologies such as mobility, virtualisation, Big Data, the cloud, and IoT are drastically changing the landscape for organisations. Modern enterprises need the confidence that they can back up their data anywhere and at any given time. They need to look beyond the active data within their environments in order to prioritise workloads from most to least important and make room accordingly. 

Backup is vital for the modern enterprise. However, with the rapid pace at which data amounts, organisations need to adopt a smarter approach to how they protect their data.

Enterprises in today’s modern landscape require an innovative approach to managing backups. Regardless of whether the environment is hosted on-premises or in the cloud, organisations need to be prepared to back up their data with complete confidence that it won't impact their production environment.

A study conducted by IDC predicts that 44 ZBs of data will exist globally by the end of the decade. Not only is the amount of data increasing at a rapid pace, but the value that this data holds is also at an all-time high and is still expected to grow. Enterprises that take advantage of this data gain the ability to extract real-time insights into how their organisations operate and gain a competitive edge.

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